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Building a culture and recruiting

Building your corporate culture and recruiting begins early. Get started here. Then learn more in our section on talent.


Sourcing candidates: A startup’s guide to hiring and recruiting

When sourcing candidates, first consider whether you can hire from within, or whether you need to advertise for an external candidate.


How do you build and scale high performance culture?

Establishing and managing a high-performance culture is one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face.


Strategic talent/HR focus in fast growing startups

How a startup expands and the types of skill sets and candidate profiles that hiring managers should seek at each stage of growth.


Recruiting for your startup: Corporate culture, vision statement and core values

Articulating a vision statement and a set of core values helps define your corporate culture and how your startup wants to do business.


Startup leaders and building corporate culture

A strong and healthy corporate culture can powerfully motivate employees, and evidence that shows that a well-established corporate culture can significantly affect a company’s bottom line.


Startups: Build a strong management team and attract investors

Despite a tight budget, startups must build a strong management team that inspires investor confidence.


What investors want in place when they invest in your startup

Entrepreneurs need to know what set in place to make their business attractive to investors.


The difference between recruiting and building your team

The strategic difference between recruiting (filling a specific role) and building a team (attracting the leaders who will shape your startup’s culture).