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Module 5: Money

Fund your business and prepare an investor pitch.

   LECTURE 5.1

Bootstrapping and alternative sources of funding

Bootstrapping is the process of building your business from your own funds and the revenue from customers, instead of raising money from outsiders such as angels and venture capitalists. This is the method most startups use to build their companies.

In the first session of the Money module, we cover the pros and cons of bootstrapping, how to ensure your investment is protected and how to make smart decisions on where to invest money in your company.

   LECTURE 5.2

Terms of investment

In this session, we focus on understanding the motivation of private venture capital (VC) firms and how it affects their structuring of term sheets and legal agreements.

We explore common pitfalls in dealing with VCs, as well as success stories regarding VC investment.

   LECTURE 5.3

360 panel on venture capital funding

This session focuses on raising money for your business.

Leading venture capitalists discuss the secrets to successfully pitch to a VC or an angel investor to secure money for a growing technology venture. The format is a Q&A session in which the panel answers questions posed by the moderator and the audience.

   LECTURE 5.4

The pitch

In this session, we discuss how to build and deliver an effective pitch to help you find financing for your entrepreneurial venture or to sell your product to customers.

The session covers the essentials of a good PowerPoint pitch deck and identifies the elements of good communication that successful startups use.