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Module 2: Model

Define your business model and protect your ideas.

   LECTURE 2.1

IP management

Intellectual property (IP) is the lifeblood of every knowledge-based startup or venture.

Learn how to identify and manage your intellectual property in a strategic way and examine how it fits in with your overall business model. A large part of your competitive advantage will depend on your ability to protect and properly exploit or commercialize your product or service innovations. IP law provides the framework for protecting and commercializing these innovations. Real-world issues and how they can be addressed effectively are examined, particularly in the IT/Web 2.0 space.

   LECTURE 2.2

Business model canvas

Careful consideration of economics and business strategy can make the difference between simply having a great technology and building a great company. This lecture focuses on clearly defining your business model and how you propose to make money with your product or service. Case studies will be used to test concepts against a specific business.

The resources below offer a foundation upon which you can build your knowledge and skills in these areas.

   LECTURE 2.3

Business plan and other communication tools

We provide tips, techniques, tools and examples for building the five essential business communication documents for entrepreneurs: the elevator pitch; executive summary; company presentation; technical white paper; and business plan.