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Module 4: Growing your business

Manage your finances and build a team.

   LECTURE 4.1

Board of directors and other advisors

In this first session of the Management module, you’ll learn the difference between a board of advisors and a board of directors, and what roles they play in running a business. We examine real-life examples of governance best practices to see the legal requirements of different structures and the consequences of board decisions.

   LECTURE 4.2

Financial planning/Budgeting

Learn the financial planning basics that will help you build a realistic financial plan for your startup. This will help you identify how you spend and make money. Get to know the basic tools of financial planning, including income statements, cash-flow forecasts, expense statements and balance sheets.

We examine the financial plans of both successful and failed companies and focus on their ability to forecast realistic scenarios for business growth and cash flow.

   LECTURE 4.3


This session covers human resources (HR) with a focus on why building a highly adaptable workforce and workplace matters for small companies. Learn how to plan for building this team and how to recruit and hire both your core team and virtual teams.

   LECTURE 4.4

Building and managing a team

Every startup encounters speed bumps on the highway of growth. It’s the people on your team who will enable your company to power through them. Skills and capabilities must evolve as you grow. You’ll need to navigate advisory and other boards, recruit well and have effective team communication and a CEO who sets the stage for the company culture—all just to set you up for that early-stage VC funding.