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Daily management

Understand the ins and outs of managing your accounts.


Manage your cash flow: Operations, investing and financing

Understand the flow of cash in and out of your business―and whether cash is being used wisely.


How to calculate and understand return on investment (ROI)

Accountants can provide a range of advice, from structuring your business to maximizing tax credits to preparing assurance or non-assurance reports.


Internal controls in accounting: Oversight of financial transactions

As a business grows, it needs to implement internal controls in the accounting department to govern key financial transaction streams and risk areas.


Keeping and protecting employee records: The Ontario Employment Standards Act

The Ontario Employment Standards Act requires companies to securely store certain employee information. Learn more about what you need to know.


Cash flow: Cash in, cash out through operations, financing and investing

Money moves through a company (“cash flow”) via three main channels: operations, financing and investing.


Internal controls in accounting: Key benefits

Startups need to implement internal controls in their business early on. Learn why and where to start.


Accounting: Valuation of IT or intangible assets

The intrinsic value that you associate with an IT or intangible asset rarely shows on the balance sheet. Learn why.


Financial Planning/Budgeting-Entrepreneurship 101

Every business needs to know accounting. Join Andrew Graham, Co-Founder and CEO of Borrowell as he outline the most important financial planning tools and skills startup owners need to succeed.