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Start learning how to manage your own books.


Using bookkeeping software to manage your financial records

With bookkeeping software, you can manage your financial records cheaply and efficiently.


Bookkeeping basics for startups: Manage your financial records

Bookkeeping is the recording of all financial transactions of a business. Learn key steps and accounts.


When to recognize revenue as earned: Key concepts

This overview helps you understand when to recognize revenue as earned.


Internal controls in accounting: Oversight of financial transactions

As a business grows, it needs to implement internal controls in the accounting department to govern key financial transaction streams and risk areas.


The accounting equation and double-entry bookkeeping

The fundamental accounting equation underlies the accounting process and is supported by double-entry bookkeeping.



Keep a running balance of funds using the T-account system.


Journal entries: credits and debits

How credits and debits journal entries is recorded