Your guide to managing the COVID-19 situation as an employer: Strategies and best practices

This three-part series explores how employers should approach managing the COVID-19 pandemic. We look at ways you can take care of your employees, protect your business in potential future pandemic scenarios, and enable and support your workforce during this uncertain time. Throughout the series, we have included practical templates to download; links to useful, trusted sources of information; and checklists to keep you organized. 

Why does it matter? 

Your number one priority as a business leader is to keep your team and community safe. This requires decisive action, preparedness and empowerment.

The specifics 

When thinking through strategies for managing the COVID-19 situation as an employer, there are three main areas to consider:

Taking care of your people

Taking care of your people in the face of uncertainty: We outline the most important things leaders need to do now to support their teams and communities.

Taking care of your business and planning for the future

We look at strategies for handling scenarios we might face as leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Coming soon)

Enabling your employees

  • Going all in on all remote (Coming soon)
  • Managing performance in a fully distributed workforce (Coming soon)
  • Diving in to the deep end: Getting good at digital communication (Coming soon)