Webinar: MaRS Cleantech: The impact of COVID-19 on proptech and real estate


In early May 2020, MaRS Cleantech held a webinar on how COVID-19 is impacting both the real estate sector and the procurement of technology within it.

The panel of experts focused on how the crisis is influencing investments in, and the procurement of, proptech solutions, as well as the pandemic’s long-term effects on the sector.

Speakers included:

  • Alex Zakreski (webinar host), manager, business development, cleantech, MaRS
  • Sam Ramadori, chief business development officer, BrainBox AI
  • Joshua Varghese, portfolio manager, Global Real Estate, Signature Global Asset Management, a division of CI Investments
  • Scott Kaplanis, partner, Groundbreak Ventures
  • David Harris Kolada, partner, Greensoil PropTech Ventures
  • Robert Smith, vice president, consulting, Greensoil Building Innovation Services