Many of us have heard the expression “water is the new oil,” which underscores the growing importance of water’s availability and use worldwide. Issues related to water scarcity, management and treatment are taking an increasingly important role on the global stage. Ontario has the opportunity to assume leadership through legislation and investment, and enable the transfer of innovative technology and best practices to bring financial prosperity to the province.

The best resource for understanding Ontario’s water market is the Water Sector Asset Map from WaterTap.

The asset map was created by Usha Srinivasan, vice-president of Learning and Insights at MaRS. The resource is updated and maintained by WaterTap and can be accessed for free on its website.
The asset map provides a comprehensive overview of the water landscape, including a company directory of industry players, information on R&D and funding, regulatory details and other helpful data.

Twitter is a great way to track industry trends and keep up to date on global water issues. We recommend the following key handles:

Companies: @ibmsmarterwater

Government: @EPAwater, @ONinfra, @environmentca, @EBR_EnvRegistry, @WaterTAPOntario, @EPAwatersense

Associations: @ngwatweets, @H2ODesignBuild, @GroundWaterMag, @OCWAnews, @BloomCentre, @WaterWellJournl, @AWWAACE

NGOs: @cleanh2oaction, @Water, @BlueEconomyca@WaterFootprintN, @help4smallwater, @WaterAlliance, @RecycleWater, @healthylakes, @GrowingBlue, @Waterlution

News: @impeller_news, @Waterbriefing, @MSWmagazine, @tdower, @siwi_media, @H20Efficiency, @CanadianWater

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