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Social Impact Bonds in Canada: Investor insights

Social Impact Bonds in Canada: Investor InsightsThe case for impact investing as an innovative vehicle for collaboration across sectors to improve social outcomes has caught the attention of governments, business and social service-providers alike. One type of impact investment is through a relatively new model called a Social Impact Bond (“SIB”). A number of countries have moved ahead with development and implementation of a variety of SIBs. As of yet, however, this instrument has not been employed in Canada.
The MaRS Centre for Impact Investing and Deloitte have come together to explore potential Canadian investor perspectives on SIBs. These consultations were held in the fall and winter of 2013 and involved a group of 80 potential investors based in Canada. The consultations enhanced the engagement of many of these investors in SIBs and the results offer unique insight into opportunities for impact investing and SIB development in Canada from an investor standpoint.

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