Ontario Utilities and the Smart Grid: Is there room for innovation?

Ontario Utilities and the Smart Grid: Is there room for innovation?
Although much has been said about the consumerization of the smart grid, Ontario entrepreneurs can still benefit from more insight into the specific technology needs of utilities so they can be alert to potential business opportunities. While many believe that only regulators and system operators have full access to details about the utilities’ infrastructure and the activities they are undertaking to modernize the grid, this information is actually available to entrepreneurs, although the key is knowing where to find it. With improved knowledge about the types of products that interest utilities, Ontario startups will be better positioned to develop the right products for successful market entry.
This report:

  • Summarizes where utilities’ smart grid policies and technologies now stand and where they are heading.
  • Highlights the global frontrunners in the race toward the smart grid; and
  • Outlines how industry stakeholders (regulators, policy-makers, utilities, vendors, academics and customers) can assess which utilities and technologies are considered the “smartest.”

This report takes an up-close look at 10 of Ontario’s utilities, examining their characteristics and the innovative projects they are undertaking. To contextualize Ontario’s overall progress, the report also looks at innovative regulation in the international market.
[download url=”https://learn.marsdd.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/MaRSReport-Ontario-Utilities-and-the-Smart-Grid_2012.pdf” type=“pdf”]Ontario Utilities and the Smart Grid: Is there room for innovation?[/download]