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Mobile advertising includes Short Message Service (SMS) or Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messaging, ads embedded in games or apps, and mobile webpage videos and banners. It has become one of the most effective means to reach consumers. Spending in mobile advertising has increased substantially in line with the popular adoption of mobile devices, which now outnumber laptops and desktops four to one.

Mobile devices have also allowed advertisers to target and segment potential consumers―via location, demographic, social graph and real-time activity. These metrics have in turn enabled the delivery of relevant, timely and impactful marketing campaigns.

This page consists of the following sections:

I. Mobile Advertising Statistics and Research

II. Mobile Advertising Industry Blogs and News Sites

I. Mobile Advertising Statistics and Research

Look to these resources to find relevant statistics and research on the mobile advertising industry.
Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB): The IAB is a non-profit association that promotes the value of interactive online advertising and educates marketers, agencies, media companies and the business community on best practices and the standards and benefits of interactive media advertising. Its Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence features extensive research on the state of mobile advertising and consumer behaviour, as well as case studies on successful mobile advertising campaigns.

Interactive Advertising Bureau Canada (IAB Canada): The IAB Canada represents many well-known Canadian advertisers, agencies, media companies and mobile developers and is dedicated to the promotion of digital and interactive advertising in Canada. IAB Canada provides useful tools such as mobile advertising guidelines and a listing of events and courses.

Other noteworthy features of its website include registration for an e-newsletter that details recent developments in the Canadian digital advertising industry and an Insights + Researchsection that connects users to IAB Canada’s annual mobile ad revenue reports.

Mobile Marketing Association (MMA): MMA is a global non-profit trade association established to support the mobile marketing industry through promotion, education and the creation of industry guidelines. MMA includes over 700 members from over 40 countries. It represents all players in the mobile marketing ecosystem, including agencies, advertisers, hand-held device manufacturers, carriers and software providers.
Its website offers articles and research on a range of subjects, including mobile marketing and advertising. MMA also produces the International Journal of Mobile Marketing. This biannual peer-reviewed journal focuses on how mobile technology can be effectively used for marketing.

The State of Mobile Advertising Q1 2015 (Opera Mediaworks, 2015) (PDF): This report provides insights and key statistics for the mobile advertising industry.

mobiThinking: mobiThinking provides insight and information for mobile marketers, offering analyses, interviews with leading industry professionals and guides to best practices on topics that range from choosing an ad network to running a mobile ad campaign. mobiThinking also offers mobile statistics. See Section C: Mobile marketing, advertising and messaging for data on SMS, MMS and other types of mobile messaging, along with a list of top mobile ad networks.

The Value of Digital Ad (comScore, 2016): This presentation addresses the true value of digital advertising and how to best optimize marketing efforts.

Mobile advertising vendors: Reports

The following reports have been published by mobile advertising vendors. While they contain a strong bias toward the vendors, readers will find much relevant industry data.

Mobile Advertising Marketplace Reports (MoPub): These free quarterly reports (registration is required) offer a look into the latest mobile advertising trends. MobPub is an ad exchange platform designed for publishers to manage their ad inventory on iOS and Android. With over one billion daily impressions, it collects and uses real-time mobile data to produce these in-depth reports.

Smaato: White papers: Smaato is a global mobile advertising exchange that connects app developers with advertisers. It has extensive research covering the mobile advertising industry and makes available a series of white papers for free download.

Millennial Media: Mobile Intelligence: Millennial Media is a mobile advertising and data platform that enables app and media publishers to create mobile ad campaigns and collect and analyze related metrics. It offers the following publications, frequently drawing on its own platform and campaign data and providing wide-ranging insights into the industry:

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II. Mobile Advertising Industry Blogs and News Sites

These blogs and news sites will help you keep up-to-date on the mobile advertising industry.

Advertising Age: Advertising Age is a leader in advertising news, reviews and analysis. Although it does not focus exclusively on mobile advertising (you will need to perform a keyword search), its coverage is extensive. Insights yielded will sharpen the reader’s understanding of the trends and issues that affect industry practice.

Canadian Marketing Association: On its website, the Canadian Marketing Association offers many articles on mobile advertising.

E-Commerce Times Mobile Advertising: E-Commerce Times dedicates a section of their news publication to mobile advertising. It features articles on the latest developments in mobile advertising, technology trends, consumer behaviour and key transactions.

Lifting The Lid On Ad Blocking And Ad Fraud (comScore, 2016): This presentation focuses on the latest research on ad fraud and ad blocking, as well as evolving technology and vast data that is helping shed light on the problems and potential solutions.

MobiAD News: MobiAD News reports on the latest in the mobile marketing and advertising industry. Its website includes sections on mobile applications, marketing and advertising campaigns, and interviews with consumers and industry leaders. MobiAD News also provides a company index and an industry event calendar.

GameHouse Partners Blog: This blog spotlights different mobile advertising/marketing issues, including best practices, ad campaigns, public relations, social media advertising, and marketing.

Mobile Marketer: Mobile Marketer publishes daily mobile marketing industry news with coverage on mobile advertising, ad networks, advertising agencies and messaging, and more.

Mobile Marketing: Mobile Marketing offers industry news, analysis and research, including features on mobile advertising.

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