Going Global Series – Energy Market Insights: Chile

Going Global Chile

 This is the first instalment of the Going Global Series on international energy markets – published by the Advanced Energy Centre at MaRS Discovery District.

Going Global Chile ReportThe Going Global series provides a 360-degree view of the energy system in international priority markets for export-ready Canadian energy companies. This report looks at the Chile energy market from the standpoint of six national energy considerations and measures the support for the adoption of innovation energy technologies within Chile’s government and major utilities. The purpose of this analysis is to help Canadian cleantech companies identify potential opportunities and understand barriers to energy innovation in Chile.

This report not only examines the energy and electricity landscape of a particular market, but also the business environment, the social, political and legal frameworks, and the country’s macroeconomic drivers. In short, the analysis is meant to help companies answer two key questions:

  • Are our Canadian capabilities a good fit for the market?
  • What are the opportunities and barriers to doing business, and do the former outweigh the latter?