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HR workbook 1 | Talent management: Building an A-team

For any business, talent management (building an “A-team”) is critical to its ongoing success. Startups need to establish key building blocks to assemble a team with the right expertise to drive business success. Properly defining roles and effective candidate sourcing and selection will help you acquire and retain the talent you need.

How to attract the best and brightest talent

Attracting the best and brightest talent requires a targeted human resources (HR) plan that aligns with your startup’s needs.

  1. You’ll need to identify the skills gaps in the company and hire the right type and level of skills to get things done. You may also need to hire in different regions, or consider alternatives to hiring employees. This will mean being creative and flexible when defining responsibilities and seeking out candidates
  2. In a startup, HR requirements can change quickly. Different skills are needed to launch a company than to maintain and grow the business over the longer term. Understand where your startup is today as well as your roadmap for the near, medium and long term. This will help you understand what kind of team you need now—and in the future—to succeed

Using HR workbook 1 | Talent management: Building an A-team

This workbook enables you to develop the backbone of your talent management plan. It helps you map out when and how to bring new team members on board. It is designed specifically for startups.
Download and use this HR workbook to:

  1. Create an HR hiring calendar
  2. Identify needed skill sets for all company positions
  3. Develop a successful hiring process

This workbook is part one of a three-part series on talent management. Each part of the series adds to the foundation of the previous one:

MaRS workbooks are comprised of TWO elements:

  1. A workbook guide: This contains instructions, examples and activities
  2. A workbook template: This is a formatted document in which to write your responses. You can personalize the workbook template by adding your company name and logo


Download Talent management: Building an A-team

Download Talent management: Building an A-team workbook template