Digital Transition: Canadian Media Experiments in 2014

Media organizations are conducting fast, cost-effective experiments with their digital audiences by introducing concepts such as paywalls, dedicated apps, subscriptions, syndication and partnerships. The objectives are crucial to their survival: Media organizations need to decipher the engagement puzzle imposed by digitally connected customers and then use that understanding to develop valuable products and viable business models.
With new technologies, changing user habits, different audience segmentations and new competitors, the global media industry has been thrown into turmoil — and Canada is no exception. In this Market Insights report, we will discuss the latest developments in the Canadian media industry and the changing world of content producers. We will also explore the digital strategies that some organizations are implementing and the mechanisms they use to adopt innovation.
To offer a glimpse of the industry and better understand potential opportunities, we spoke with thought leaders, digital directors and producers about the new Canadian media ecosystem.
In Part 2 of this series, we take a closer look at the entrepreneurs who are challenging and/or changing the future of media.
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