Digging in to Bio-based Innovation

marsreport_diggingintobiobasedinnovation_2013Ontario is uniquely positioned to derive great economic and social value from harnessing its abundant natural resources. Rich in agricultural and forestry resources, and possessing the largest food processing sector in Canada, the province has an opportunity to resolve waste issues and become a leader in feedstock supply and end-use applications, such as biofuels, biopower and biochemicals. These innovations can enable job creation, economic growth, trade, education and social innovation.
This report explores the market opportunity found in various feedstocks and bioproducts, including biofuels, biochemicals, biopower and waste to energy. It begins by reviewing potential feedstock supplies and industry logistics, policies, funding and investment opportunities in Ontario. The report identifies sector players and profiles Ontario innovators that are carving out a space in the emerging bio-based economy.

[download url=”https://learn.marsdd.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/MaRS-Reports-Digging-in-to-Bio-based-Innovation-FINAL.pdf” type=”pdf”]Digging in to Bio-based Innovation[/download]