Connected World Market Insights Series

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The Connected World is a future made possible with data, and is essentially the Internet of Things. The fusion of information and communications technologies (ICT) with energy networks and health systems is taking hold, bringing new functionality, efficiency and productivity to our world. This is a series about the future of energy, water and health, and the opportunities that are being unlocked in the era of big and open data enabled by ICT. The way we live our lives, conduct our businesses, run our industries and get around are increasingly interconnected. Connectivity is opening up opportunities for entrepreneurs, industry, government and citizens to provide and use products and services that make our lives easier, foster creativity and increase efficiencies. The series will cover such topics as:

  • Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and smart meters: Building upon a home advantage
  • Automation and energy: Unlocking home and building energy management opportunities
  • Entertainment for the connected home
  • Security: Privacy, data ownership and data risk
  • Transforming health: Decentralized and connected care
  • Connected mining opportunities and new technologies
  • The value of real-time meter data

Connected World highlights the innovators in industry, academia and government throughout this series. In fall 2014, we launched the series during a collaboration with HomeConnect 2014. This event included presentations from thought leaders from Communitech & MaRS Discovery District. This event also featured some innovative startup companies, alongside major industry players, as they showcased their technology and solutions. We capped the first night with a Market Insights seminar, where we officially launched the Connected World Market Insights series. Download the PDF overview for a brief synopsis of each report in the series.

This series is a collaborative effort from MaRS Market Intelligence, MaRS Data Catalyst, MaRS Cleantech, MaRS ICT and the Advanced Energy Centre.

Published reports in this series


Transforming Health Market Insights Series.