Cold call script (and cold email template) for startup founders

Here’s the key trick of a sales cold call or a sales email. You are not using this initial approach to sell a product or a service. All you are selling at this stage is an appointment. You are asking for time for a discussion and for customer discovery.

It helps to have a cold call script in mind to ensure you cover the points you want to make. Your cold call script can also be used as a cold email template and can be an effective tactic at connecting with target customers.

What to cover in your cold call or email

In a typical cold approach, it’s important to:

  • Identify yourself, your role and who you represent
  • Have an “opening statement” or “opening question”
  • Establish that you have reached the right level of the organization and have the right contact
  • Describe the pain point
  • Deliver the value proposition
  • Provide references from pleased customers
  • Ask for an appointment

So what does such a script look like? We’ve provided a cold call (email) template below.

The cold call script—also usable as a cold email template

This is (your first name) with (company).
You and I haven’t spoken before, but we’ve (I’ve) been working with _______ since _______.
One of the chief concerns I’ve been hearing lately from other _______ executives is their frustration with (describe the pain point).
We’ve been able to help our customers deal with these issues. For example, we have helped _______ by (deliver the value proposition), which has resulted in _______.
I would like to have just 15 minutes of your time to see how you solve _______, and how we could help you.
Do you have time later today?

Why this works

So why does this work? It works because it is short and direct. If it connects with a pain point, then it resonates with the target customer’s need.

It provides social validation through references, which makes the customer more confident in you. The ask is small and you are not asking for a sale—just a small amount of time and the chance to develop a personal relationship. Remember, the goal of the approach is not to sell the product, but to book the next meeting.